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Building on a proud heritage

Professionalism, responsiveness, competitive bidding, tight material pricing, on-time delivery and quality workmanship are the foundations upon which Gilcor Construction has built its long-standing reputation in the building industry.

Our History

Gilcor Construction Corporation, originally established in 1990, is a second generation general contracting firm. Upon taking over for Mueller Construction back in 1990, Gilcor was able to establish itself as a leader in the commercial and industrial building fields. Gilcor, a union shop, was able to acquire and still maintains a large portion of the Mueller Construction work force. Some of our senior employees have spent their entire construction careers with this company. That translates into a company that can offer more than 50 Years of experience.

With an emphasis upon remodeling and renovation projects within the health care and telecommunications fields, Gilcor Construction has also completed projects for several education and religious organizations throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.

Whether you need general contracting services or construction management, on a bid or negotiated fee basis, Gilcor Construction Corporation can meet your demands.

Our Focus

With Gilcor Construction superior workmanship is what we promise and it's what we deliver. There is a one year warranty on all Gilcor labor and materials. Your construction project is too important to take any chances. Work with a proven general contractor with the experience to fulfill your needs. Highly qualified, well trained staff and subcontractors are readily available to work on all phases of your project.



Gilcor has years of experience working in the healthcare industry. Our experience brings the knowledge needed in the fields of infection control and how to best eliminate any impact on the daily hospital operations.



Our team also specializes in working around telecommunication equipment. This work requires a specific focus on cleanliness and protection of the high priced equipment.



We also have experience in commercial buildouts. From design to completion, we can provide a high quality product that is delivered on time and on budget.

Our Projects

Interventional Radiation Lab

Interventional Radiation Lab

North Center Buildout

North Center Buildout

Project Goals

Integrated Delivery

The team will work as a single entity to provide a smooth and coordinated installation. We will assist the design team in finding shortcuts resulting in reduced overall costs. We will also provide the ability to understand and help each partner execute their aspect of the project with less interruption and therefore save labor.

Removal of Waste

By working as a team and coordinating our efforts using pulled planning and lean processes, we can reduce wasted labor and material. The labor savings are created by doing the processes efficiently and material savings by doing the process a single time. Labor is also saved by only keeping the material that is necessary for the task on the site.

Streamlined Delivery

Eliminating waste on the project streamlines the efforts of all trades involved. By doing this it will assist in getting the project done under the set budget and ahead of the original schedule.

Better Management and Delivery Proposition

The team approach allows the owner to know in advance what constraints need to be mitigated to allow for a smoother work flow. It also allows the team members performing the work required to help resolve any issues that may arise, in a timely fashion. By following these simple and effective procedures, the project can be efficiently completed to the benefit of the owner.

Fast Track Delivery

The team effort optimizes the project goals and optimizes the work flow to the benefit of the project schedule.

Risk Identification and Maximization

By working as a team, each partner shares in the process of identifying known and unforeseen risks. This allows the team to effectively minimize these risks by pooling their resources and arriving at a quick and economic solution.


The team will utilize pull planning in its generation of the project schedule. This allows each trade to work as a team player for the good of the project, instead of an individual trade partner.


The team works together during the design process to help eliminate waste and to value engineer items as they see them arise. Following this procedure helps to reduce changes and assists in the reduction of project budget.

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